Meet Allison our new ITM Specialist!

Woman with headset in front of red background

The wonderful person you will meet on the other side of our ITM in Fairhaven is our ITM Specialist, Allison. She has been with Alltrust Credit Union for over 3 years and just recently became our first ITM Specialist.

On May 26th, we installed our first ATM/ITM machine at our Fairhaven branch on Alden Rd. ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. This intelligent machine works as an ATM or an ITM. During the hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday through Friday and 8:00AM – Noon on Saturdays you can use our ATM lane like you would use the drive-up teller lanes. Simply touch the screen for the ITM feature and you will be connected to Allison, our ITM Specialist. Transactions that can be conducted using the ITM include:

  • Deposit Checks/Cash
  • Cash Checks
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Transfer Funds
  • Account Inquiries
  • Get Cash
  • Speak to a Teller

So, the next time you stop by our Fairhaven Branch, check out our new ITM where Allison will be able to assist you.