Stay Connected With an ITM

Does your financial institution have an ITM? It may just look like an ordinary ATM, but it can do so much more. ITMs, or Interactive Teller Machines, are making banking more efficient outside the lobby. Interactive being the key word, members are able to use the ITM as they would walk into a branch and speak to a teller. There are so many other benefits for using the ITM that could help save some time with your banking transactions. Let’s dive into some reasons why you should use the ITM more often.

Connecting with your financial institution

If your local branch offers an ITM, you should test it out at least once. One of the greatest things about using the ITM is that you can talk to a live person from the institution to conduct your transaction. You are not losing the face-to-face contact to an automated machine. They would be able to answer any questions you might have about your accounts. In addition, the ITM Specialist could have those conversations about different products or services if you are interested. They would be able to share any news that is going on throughout the institution. The ATM wouldn’t be able to do that. Whether you are banking in the lobby or at the drive-up, you are still connected to the institution.


Banking outside of the lobby needs to be convenient, whether it is in a drive-up lane or a vestibule. It is why banks and credit unions started to offer the ATMs and the Drive-Up banking all those years ago. Technology is advancing and so those same banks and credit unions need to adapt, which now means adding an interactive machine. The ITM can still be used for the people who don’t like to leave their car, can’t get into a lobby, or want to have more of a contactless way of interacting. Institutions wanted to make a machine that could capture all the convenient factors that drive-up banking and ATM offer and put it into one machine with the ability to speak to a live person.

The ITM also allows you to have the option of dispensing different denominations of cash. You can get smaller bills or larger bills rather than the typical twenties. You can customize the way you receive your cash back. This could save you a trip into the branch to get change.

In addition, the hours of the ITM differ from the lobby hours. Typically, the ITM will open earlier and close later than the lobby hours. This allows a longer window of opportunity to get to the credit union or bank. So, if you have to make your loan payment on your way to work early in the morning, you can swing by an ITM to conduct the transactions instead of making a late payment.

No debit card, no problem

You don’t need your debit card to start the transaction. Whether you left the card at home, it was lost or stolen, or whatever the case may be, you can simply just tap the screen to talk to the ITM Specialist. There are other ways to verify your identity with the ITM that you wouldn’t get with the ATM. Since there is a camera, the ITM Specialist can identify you with driver license or any other form of ID.

Contactless banking

Since the pandemic, anything that can be contactless seems to be a preference. Using the ITM instead of going into the branch can limit your contact to other people. It can also limit touching other surfaces, like the drive-up tubes. For example, by using the ITM, you don’t have to keep sending a tube back and forth or exchange anything. Although, you could use your mobile phone for some of these transactions, using the ITM and having the ITM Specialist may be helpful in case you have any questions or have more complicated transactions.

Types of transactions

At Alltrust Credit Union, our ITMs allow you to conduct a variety of transactions.

Such as:

  • Deposit checks/cash
  • Cash checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Account inquiries
  • Withdraw cash
  • Speak to live ITM Specialist from the credit union!

We have three ITMs located in Fairhaven, Seekonk, and New Bedford. Connect with our ITM Specialist, Allison for your ‘on the go’ banking needs!


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