Conversion 2022

System Upgrade

To provide members with easy to use technology and cutting edge products.

Why convert to a new core?

The current banking system the Credit Union uses is no longer being upgraded by the technology vendor. What this means is that no new enhancements are being developed for our current system. This has already created several situations where our staff must manually track, intervene, or monitor activity on certain transactions. This can lead to errors and inefficiencies. It’s important that our core banking system be competitive so that the Credit Union can continue to bring our members new products and services and maintain the integrity of the transactions we are processing for our members.

Why change online and mobile banking vendors?

We are changing our online and mobile banking vendors to streamline the experience for our members that use these technologies as well as provide added security. Currently, we have separate vendors for online banking, the mobile app, and e-Statements. Having separate vendors does not allow for a consistent member experience. We are partnering with BankJoy as the one vendor that will provide our online banking platform, mobile banking app, and e-Statements. With BankJoy, we can add additional security to the user experience as each user will have their own username and password to log into the online and mobile app as well as only having one log on for multiple member numbers. Currently, members must have separate sign-ons for each member number. With the new online banking vendor, members will only have one username and password and be able to see all accounts associated with their social security number. With BankJoy, eStatements will be updated and have a new look.

While it may be a bit of an inconvenience to create a new username and download a new app, in the long run, we are creating a better member experience once we get through the small hurtle of converting to these new systems.

What’s changing:

  • Account suffixes will be changing.
    • We will be adding:
      • two (2) leading zeros to all deposit suffixes.
      • one (1) leading zero to all loan types.
  • Online banking users will need to create a new username and password for online banking.
  • Mobile app users will need to download a new Alltrust Credit Union app.
  • Our statement print vendor is also changing so our printed statements and eStatements will be getting a new look.


Account Changes Graphic

What’s not changing:

  • Your member number is not changing.
  • Our ABA/Transit number is not changing.
  • You can continue using your debit card and your current checks.
  • You will not need to update your current direct deposits nor change existing automatic payments.
  • Our commitment to you is not changing.

What do you need to do?

What do you need to do graphic image

System Upgrade Weekend Schedule


Service Availability

Some services will be disabled during the upgrade process. Please refer to the chart below for helpful information.

Service Disruptions Table




Questions and Concerns

We’re here for you.

Although we anticipate that the upgrade to the new core banking system will take place seamlessly, there may be some disruption in our banking hours on the weekend we convert. In early January, we will be sending a detailed packet with more information on what will be happening as we approach our February 1, 2022, system upgrade date.

Please visit this page often for updated information on the core banking system upgrade.

Your membership is very much appreciated. If you have questions regarding banking, saving, borrowing, or planning, please call or stop in to see us. Our team is ready to provide answers and recommend solutions. We look forward to serving your needs now and in the future.